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Skip the Gym Membership…Workout with Your Dog!

The holidays are behind us, 2019 is underway and now it’s time to make good on your New Year’s Resolution. We all commit to being more active in the new year and one easy way to do this is Skip the GYM Membership and Workout With Your DOG.

Depending on the breed or age of your dog,  they may need anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise each day. Taking your dog for a walk each day is a great opportunity for you both to become more physically and mentally fit.  The benefits of exercise have been proven to reduce stress creating a sounder mind and body for you both. Coupling  physical activity with mental stimulation is as important for your dog as it is for you.   You should also use this walk as an opportunity to incorporate some basic training.  On your walks be sure use the  “HEEL” command.   The “HEEL” command is a great way to remind your dog who’s the pack leader while also bonding  with your dog.  When you use the “HEEL” command,  your dog is forced to “check in” with you throughout the walk. “Checking in” means they are making eye contact with you to see if he/she is pleasing you and if it’s treat / reward worthy. It’s the best way to wear out a dog both mentally and physically and bond all in the same exercise.  If anyone doesn’t know how to use the  “HEEL”  command,  we would  encourage you to check our many individual training programs and events.

So skip the GYM Membership,  get moving,  get healthy, and workout with your pup. We want every Dog to be a Dynamic Dog and ensure you and your pup live a long, healthy and happy life together!