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Canine Trailing Class at Harris Lake Park Starting on July 22, 2021 at 6:30 PM

Ready For The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek with your Dynamic Dog? Then this is the class for you.

TRAILING is another great opportunity to challenge you and your dog and take your dog’s education to a new level.  A dog’s olfactory nerve makes up to 30% of the dog’s brain.  It is this inherent skill that we will use and train during this five week trailing class.


  • Week One – Educate Owners / Guardians on what trailing is and how to effectively use the equipment needed. We will do a demonstration of hot trails and start each student on a hot trail.
  • Week Two – Review the work done in week one, cover any questions and reinforce training on hot trails with additional trail exercises.
  • Week Three – Start with a demonstration of a warm trail and start working on warm trails by engaging each student on a warm trail.
  • Week Four – Build on what we learned in week three and continue to work on warm trails.
  • Week Five – Continue to work on warm trails and graduation! Celebrate dog’s progress.
  • Equipment – All dogs will always be under the control of their Owner / Guardian or Instructor. Dog will wear a harness at all times and will be using a long leash of between 30 and 50 feet, depending on the exercise.
  • A high value treat or toy will be used in the training exercises to encourage and reward the dogs.


Upon successful completion of this class, you and your dog will have mastered the following:

  1. Finding a person hidden on a hot trail.
  2. Finding a person hidden on a warm trail.

Dates: July 22, 29, August 5, 12 and 19 

Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Location: Harris Lake Park 2112 County Park Dr, New Hill, NC 27562 – Disc Golf Course Parking Lot

Price: $270.00  –  This includes the $250 class fee and a $20 materials fee for the long lead which will be yours to keep.

COVID PROTOCOL  – Dynamic Dogs is committed to following the guidelines of Wake County Parks and Recreation as well as the CDC.  Given this is a trailing class we will be more than 6 feet apart from all participants.  Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at all times to ensure everyone’s safety.


  1. Basic collar
  2. Harness – there are links at the bottom of this form with recommended harnesses for use in class.
  3. Six-foot leash
  4. Water bowl
  5. High Value Treats or Toy
  6. Certificate that all Rabies, Parvo, and Distemper vaccines are up to date through the end of the class  Vaccination records must be emailed to  5 days prior to the start of class.
  7. All handlers must wear closed toed shoes – Absolutely no flip-flops

 There is plenty of parking and space on site and we will practice social distancing so we all feel safe. 

We are looking forward to having you and your Dynamic Dog in our Trailing Class.

Recommended Harnesses



Running Away
Pulling on Leash