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Discover the Difference with AKC Certified Training.

, Dynamic Dogs of North Carolina

Patrice Goldston

Owner and Founder of Dynamic Dogs NC
American Kennel Club Certified Dog Trainer

Patrice graduated at the top of her class from the prestigious Highland Canine Training Program, where she received her AKC certifications in on-leash, off-leash, and behavior modification training.   Patrice is also a graduate of Peace College with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Animal Science.

Patrice’s love for dogs began with her first dog at the age of nine.  At that early age, she recognized there was a gap in the way humans and dogs communicated with each other which she knew had to be addressed.  It has been her passion to develop a training program to bridge that gap which is why she created Dynamic Dogs North Carolina.

Her training program is based on love and positive reinforcement.  Each training program is tailored to the specific needs of each dog and its owner. Patrice knows that like people, no two dogs are the same and she believes her unique style of training creates a lifelong bond which results in a much happier home for everyone.

In her free time Patrice enjoys spending time with her son, her pit-bull rescue Marley, and enjoying the great outdoors.

, Dynamic Dogs of North Carolina
, Dynamic Dogs of North Carolina

Morgan Waterbury

Associate Dog Trainer

Like all the members of the Dynamic Dog’s team they knew at an early age that working with dogs was in their future. At the age of 13, Morgan’s mother saw her passion for dogs / animals and gave Morgan her first book on dog training.

Morgan’s dream to become a trainer became a reality when she was accepted into the prestigious Highland Canine Training School. Each day of her training confirmed that Dog Training was her true calling.

Morgan is now a graduate of Highland’s Canine Master Dog Trainers Program. Her extensive training includes certifications in: on-leash, off-leash, behavior modification, as well as training service dogs, search and rescue dogs, and police K9 dogs. Morgan is always looking to expand her education and training skills and she is currently working on getting her certification as a K9 Medic.

Like all the members of the Dynamic Dogs Team Morgan’s training is based around understanding the dog and positive reinforcement. Like people no two dogs are the same, and every training program must be tailored to the individual needs of the owner and their dog. Creating this individual program creates a stronger bond between the owner and their dog setting them both up for success.

In Morgan’s free time, she likes to hike with her dog Bruno, play video games, and pursue her artistic side.

, Dynamic Dogs of North Carolina

Kindle Mosby

Administrative Assistant and Pet Care Specialist

Kindle Mosby is an animal lover at heart and a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a bachelor’s degree in Management & Society. Her undergraduate studies focused on human interaction which prepared her for spending a year in the animal rescue field. Her work with rescue groups and her educational background gave her the insight to understand why so many owners end up surrendering their pets. Kindle’s understanding of human interaction laid the foundation for her to observe the interaction between dogs and humans. This allowed Kindle to help hundreds of dogs and new owners have a deeper understanding of each other, resulting in the placement of these rescues in loving forever homes.

As fate would have it, Kindle met Patrice Goldston while Patrice was conducting a training session. Kindle was in awe of Patrice’s ability to communicate and bond with her student. It was at that point Kindle realized it was time for a career change. Kindle was asked to join the Dynamic Dogs Team as an Administrative Assistant and Pet Care Specialist. Kindle’s roll will be to help create happy and peaceful homes for dogs and their families when their owners need to be away from home. Kindle aspires to become a certified dog trainer within the next year, so she can fulfill her passion to be trainer working alongside Patrice and Morgan. In her free time, Kindle enjoys spending time with her dog, Banjo, and her cats, Olive and Dwight.